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This site is not about prisoners or prison institutions however I do go in the prison on a weekly basis or send volunteers to teach. It is more about the stories that keep us locked up and separated from people, places and things we love or say we want more of. It is the defense mechanisms that have built invisible walls of separation pushing us to the edge of feeling alone.

I love this Rumi quote:
“There’s something enormous about the prophetic incarnation. A child is born, supernovas flair. He cries, and dried-up breasts overflow with milk. A few words are spoken, and empires collapse. Rumi hints at this scale in an anecdote: A distraught mother runs to Ali Muhammad’s son-in-law. Her baby has somehow gotten out to the edge of a roof where she cannot go and is ignoring her entreaties to return to safety. Bring another baby up to the roof, says Ali. She does, and her child, seeing a companion, crawls away from danger. Rumi continues: The Nabis (prophets) come in human form for this reason, that we may see them as familiars, delight in their friendship, and crawl away from the edges of roofs.”

I have put myself and others through moments of being at the edge of my roof. I found tough love does not work for me. I found seeing a friend wanting to be there as I find the words, thoughts, feeling and action that will set me free, and helped me remain free. I do not believe you can save someone from themselves but I have found if you want to feel love, connected and supported with yourself and others, the act of love is the best way. To be with someone as they shed the believes of shame, blame, separatness, unworthiness is a blessing. To watch them find the power to forgive themselves and others and step into wholeness inspires you to do the same. No one is ever so evolved they can not learn from anothers journey.

I go into the prisons because I could not stand the behavior of a criminal. I found my judgement about what I did not understand added to the criminal behavior in myself and others.

What I found in prison is the men and women we worked with believed in us, trusted us, and made changes based on our teachings. They looked at us as examples. I saw them be happy regardless of circumstance. I watched as they walked taller, gave up "giving up" and saw the miracles thru prayer as they did the work on the inward prison they were set free even though they needed to finish their prison sentence.

I watched as they loved being who they were and stopped the thoughts that triggered their drug use, emotional habits changed and their bodies changed. Miracles in prison!

As I walked this path I had a deep desire to free myself and others I have looked up in my emotional mental prison. I started doing the work that set me free. It got interesting at times and there was nashing of the teeth but I am feel free now. Free to be me, love generously without worry, laugh freely, to stand out from the crowd and not feel alone.

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My message is one of everyday life. We are raised with unspoken loyalty to family and tradition. We identify with things unconsciously. Then we project these things with attachments to people or conditions only to find when they are not met we feel violated, hurt, or misunderstood. We create scenarios in our head and want others to know about them without ever sharing               Click Here for more

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                            Judy Osuna is the Founder and                             Director of Freedom Legacy. She discovered on her spiritual path the love of service. While interning for her Practitoner license, Judy would go to Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), Terminal Island prison to speak on spiritual practices and pray. She thought she would be helping "them". She found her own freedom through helping others.
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I look forward to chatting with you and hear what brought you to check out the site and my book, Prison Without Bars.

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