This book and this intensive is not about physical prisons, it is about the mental and emotional prisons that keep us away from love or dependent on the approval from others.
It does not matter which side of the bars you look through, you are looking through bars of unresolved hurts and crimes of the heart. Do you believe you did something wrong or did someone do something wrong to you? It doesn’t matter who did what if the pain is in your head, you have created a prison cell of solitude hurt.
In my book, You Don’t Have To Be Behind Bars To Be In Prison, you are your key to freedom, you will work with keys to freedom in each chapter.


Key to Freedom 1

Prison is Not a Place.
If prison is not a place, a building, then what is it? It is the stories we tell ourselves and the meaning we give the story. It is our own BS (belief system).

Key to Freedom 2

Taking Your Statement
I have often said to the inmates at Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal Island Men’s Prison, nothing anyone has said to you is as bad as what you say to yourself. As you learn your own self

Key to Freedom 3

Arrested Development, Your Pain is Your Focus.
Where your attention goes, energy flows. Your body stores your beliefs as you shift your focus you shift stuck or stored energy. Flow with life. Change your story, shift your focus.

Key to Freedom 4

All Rise, Judge – ment
As you do anything you do everything. It is hard to judge yourself and not judge others. Once you start laying down laws, they become universal. People breaks laws they are not aware of and then we punish them. Seal the files of the past and create new fun ways to enjoy yourself and others.

Key to Freedom 5
Velvet Handcuffs
John Cougar Mellencamp wrote a song, “Come on baby you make it hurt so good. Sometimes life doesn’t feel like it should. Hurts so good. What is the payoff you have with your pain? Is the new pleasure going to be enough to give up the old pain?
Key to Freedom 6
Release Date
Every inmate in prison knows when they will be released. When would NOW be a good time for you to give yourself a date you will begin to live free from suffering?
Key to Freedom 7

Recidivism is high and only 10%  will be successful without a plan to stay free.

Key to Freedom 8
Freedom Legacy
Many books are written with villains, victims and heroes, how do you want to live? What will your legacy be?